What Coaches Can Learn From the Sudden Death of Kobe Bryant

by | Jan 29, 2020

I haven’t blogged in nearly a year yet I felt called back to the keyboard tonight.

To be totally fair I’m not even sure that blogging is the right medium to accurately express what I am feeling inside – but it’s certainly better than nothing.

We can all learn from Kobe…

Talent – passion – determination – the list of adjectives could truly go on forever…but the bottom line is that we will all remember his GREATNESS.

So the question I’ve asked myself repeatedly all day is “what can we as nutrition coaches learn from the Mamba?”

And after a lot of deliberation, I have identified THREE distinct things that all coaches can learn and apply to their nutrition coaching careers courtesy of Kobe Bryant:

1 – talent isn’t enough

2 – outwork everyone

3 – legacy matters

If I were really clever I probably would’ve come up with 8 or 24 things that we could learn from him, but I really think these 3 have the most merit – and can be implemented in YOUR career IMMEDIATELY.

So let’s go!!!!

Talent Isn’t Enough

Kobe Bryant is undoubtedly one of the most talented human beings to ever play the game of basketball. Was he the greatest ever? That’s a debate for another time….but there is absolutely no way to deny his greatness.

Kobe Bryant was also one of the hardest workers that the game of basketball has ever seen – HE DID NOT RELY ON HIS TALENT. It was well known that Kobe was often the first in the gym and the last out – there was no chance that he was going to get outworked!

So how do we apply this to nutrition coaching?

Consider this – “talent” in our industry is often thought of in terms of knowledge. Surely it’s the “smart coaches” that are making all the money and creating all of the results – right?


Naturally, you must have some level of knowledge to successfully help clients, but relying purely on how smart you are as a coach will leave you massively incomplete.

Instead, knowledge (talent) must be paired with an APPLICATION (hard work).

The best coaches in the world know plenty but can apply what they know to ANY SITUATION.

There is no case that these coaches fear, and no client that they can’t work with – the ability to APPLY bridges the gap from being a good coach to a GREAT COACH!


We learned above that Kobe was one of the hardest workers in the game of basketball…

We also learned that hard work in the field of nutrition coaching is based on a coach’s ability to APPLY what they know.

With this in mind, “outworking” other coaches comes to going deeper in application.

The simple fact is that results are often created well beyond the food and/or macro prescription.

For this reason, your application should go deeper…

CONNECTION paired with APPLICATION is the game – A CONNECTION BASED MODEL is what is necessary!

If Kobe could make time to practice his jump shot for 5 hours before a 4-hour game, certainly you can spend an hour connecting with clients away from your 30-minute consult call – right?

BE MORE for your clients

DO MORE for your clients

ACHIEVE MORE with your clients..

OUTWORK other coaches, mamba style!

Legacy Matters

Just a quick scroll through your social media on Sunday, January 26, 2020, will tell you the legacy that Kobe Bryant created….

Broken hearts, tributes, and image after image in tribute to a man that impacted so many….

His greatness was not confined to the hardwood, but well beyond…

He was a family man, a coach to his daughter’s basketball team, a businessman, and a mentor to so many people – NOT JUST AN ATHLETE

For you, the nutrition coach, YOUR LEGACY MATTERS TOO

Yes, your primary work is going to be directly with clients – but by leveraging the BUSINESS TRIANGLE OF AWARENESS, you too can leave a legacy

Build your attractive character —-> Be likable, and be someone that people want to spend their time on phone calls with

Build your unique opportunity —-> If you are just another coach with the same methods, you likely won’t be leaving a legacy of anything other than “blending in.” Instead, consider building your own method and your own unique system for helping clients. Obviously the physiology of change won’t be different from coach to coach, but the way that process unfolds can certainly be unique!

Build a new community for them to join —-> Clients love to be part of something much bigger than themselves. While weight loss is cool and flexible dieting is a great approach, losing weight and enjoying the process are MUCH BETTER when done with like-minded people. We all know that dieting can leave us socially isolated – instead of letting that happen to your clients, flip the script and provide them with the social connection!


While there will always only be one Kobe, we certainly can learn from him….

We can all become great

We can all work harder

And we can all leave a legacy!

You may never get the exposure that a professional athlete does, but that’s not what this is about.

The game is about IMPACT…

Kobe had his…how will you have yours???


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