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Gut Health Masterclass



Second to hormones, gut health may be the most talked about topic in the nutrition space today - and for good reason! The gut is often referred to as the “second brain,” and is responsible for so many things in our bodies.

Whether you and your clients are seeking fat loss, muscle gain, better performance, or even simply better overall health, the gut must be functioning properly to achieve the desired outcomes.

While the media would like you to believe that achieving optimal gut health is as simple as eating a yogurt a day, or taking a daily probiotic, the truth is that it is far more complex. From inflammation to parasites, and everything in between, we must understand how to assess and correct a dysbiosis of the gut if we are to truly help our clients become their best selves.

Meet your Gut Health Masterclass Coach, Travis Zipper

As a professional, Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist (FDN), Travis medically orders all manners of functional health tests that allow clients to understand their gut health and hormonal dysfunctions and then helps them create healing plans based on those results. That is what makes him so invaluable as the NCI Gut Health/Hormones Instructor.

Travis has worked with over 2,000 plus nutrition clients in both the functional medicine and conventional medical setting, focusing on low testosterone, adrenal dysfunction, estrogen dominance, peri and post-menopausal situations, infertility, hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, PCOS, dysbiosis of the gut, leaky gut, bacterial and parasitic infections, inflammatory bowel syndrome and many others.

​​​​​​​As NCI’s Gut Health/Hormone Specialist Instructor, he will teach you how to understand your client’s true root cause of a possible problem; instead of just putting a band-aid on it and only treating the symptoms.

Let’s take a look at what you are going to learn in this masterclass…

As with all all courses here at the Nutritional Coaching Institute, our aim is to educate you on the SCIENCE and then to teach you REAL LIFE APPLICATION.

Part 1 - Science

What does gut health encompass?  - While gut health is a major buzzword these days, what does it actually even mean?  In this section you will learn the answer and you will go on a deep dive into the digestive system in the body and where it can go wrong.

Why are digestive disorders on the rise? - Everyone goes to a doctor at some point, but can differences in Western Medicine and Functional Medicine be contributing to gut health?  Also in this section you will learn how the microbiome is formed as well what the primary causes of most GI disorders are!

The most common digestive issues that a health coach will see - It’s not a matter of “if” you will see GI issues in your clients, but more a matter of “when.”  This section will help you understand the issues you will be seeing and how to best identify them in your clients.

What are the root causes of almost all digestive disorders? - While digestion and GI function are complex, the root causes of most GI disorders are actually relatively simple.  You will learn the three major causes, why they are affecting GI function, and how to identify them.

How can society begin getting better? - The mission statement of NCI is begin a societal shift from repair to optimization.  If this is to occur, we must begin identifying simple shifts that our population can begin taking.  This section will give you a few major tools that you can begin using with your clientele and anyone that follows you.

Part 2 - Application

What are the areas of emphasis for obtaining a health gut? - We have identified the five major areas of focus in order to create a healthy GI.  In this section you will learn them, as well as how to implement them with your clients

How to identify if a gut problem exists - Every coach must have a “tool kit” to use when implementing protocols.  When it comes to gut health, we must seek clinical correlation with the client, and in this chapter we will teach you how to use questionnaires and functional gut health testing to do that.

Fixing the gut - There are numerous “gut repair” protocols that exist today, but understanding which to use can be difficult.  This section will walk you through everything from elimination diets to broad spectrum botanicals, and everything in between.  You will know what the protocols are, and how to implement them effectively.

Gut Health Maintenance - Repairing GI issues is essential, but optimizing our population for the future is truly what we are after.  This section is an opportunity to learn how to implement protocols with your clients that will leave them in perfect health while pursuing their other physical or physiological goals.

Here's the Truth...

The nutrition coaching space is becoming more and more competitive by the day.

Additionally, the issues that are coming to nutrition coaches are becoming more and more complex by the day.

If you want to stand out in a crowded field, and truly help everyone that comes your way, you can’t afford to lack knowledge when it comes to your client’s gut health.

This knowledge you will gain in this course WILL increase your efficacy as a coach…

This knowledge you will gain in this course  WILL increase your confidence as a coach….

And ultimately the knowledge you will gain in this course has the potential to finally help you find the SUCCESS you have been looking for as a nutrition coach!

As with everything we do here at NCI, we are only allowing a limited number of people in this course - we want THE BEST coaches, not simply the most coaches!

Keep in mind this was our most requested master class, so if you don’t sign up now this course may not exist when you come back!

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