Level 1 Certification Course Description


You know it’s impossible for anyone to out-train a bad diet…

…but HOW are you supposed to correct your clients’ diets when they come to you with low compliance, stalled results, trendy fad diets, eating disorders and damaging nutritional habits?

Here’s the first thing you need to know: it’s not your fault that your clients are struggling to get their nutrition right.

It’s not their fault, either. It’s not even the nutrition industry’s fault—we’ve developed all these incredibly effective systems, but there’s just one thing missing…

You need a nutrition COACH, not a nutritionist.

A nutritionist is a master of knowledge and a nutrition coach is a master of application.

Whether you plan to become a nutrition coach yourself or you plan to send out one of your trainers to become one, listen closely…

I’m hosting a two-day meeting of the Nutritional Coaching Institute where I will reveal EVERYTHING you need to know to deliver world-class nutrition coaching using a system that allows you to pinpoint every client’s exact needs and give them instructions they’ll actually follow.

Because this is an intensive, deep-dive meeting and I want to make sure you get the attention you deserve, I’m only going to accept a small group of participants.

Space is EXTREMELY limited and I’m accepting participants on a first come, first serve basis.

Now I Have Something Embarrassing to Admit to You…

When I first dreamed up my idea for the Nutritional Coaching Institute, I figured it would start as a small group of my close contacts meeting up to discuss all the knowledge I just outlined above.

Boy, was I wrong. The first time I mentioned the idea publicly on Facebook, I got hundreds of fitness professionals begging me to let them in. Since I didn’t have the infrastructure yet for such a massive group, I had to put them all on a waitlist and stick with my invite-only list for the first few sessions.

Now, for the first time ever, I’m throwing open the doors to the Nutritional Coaching Institute to anyone who’s serious about making more money, dominating their area, and delivering the best client results in town.

However…I do still want to give everyone the focused attention they deserve, so I’m limiting the seats to 100…

…and since there’s such huge interest already, I recommend you secure your seat NOW before it fills up!

Includes FREE access to the LIVE STREAM

Course material and links get sent out the evening before the live certification

You will be able to ask your questions live via our chat just as if you were there in person

Access to our 90 day closed group for everyone who attends where you have access to Jason and all the other coaches during your case study final

Save time and money while still attending from the comfort of your home.