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Hormones are often one of the most discussed and most daunting topics in nutrition and fitness. In an industry where misinformation is prevalent, coaches and clients are often left with unanswered questions of how to manage hormones during a physical transformation.

Whether you and your clients are seeking fat loss, muscle gain, better performance or even simply better overall health, hormones, and our internal physiology must be functioning properly to safely and effectively reach our goals..

Optimal male hormone health is not as simple as grabbing testojack 9000 from your local supplement store. From optimizing testosterone to ensuring longevity, we must understand how our body's physiological hormonal "thermostat" works to correct hormonal deficiencies and maximize client outcomes..

Meet your men's HORMONE Masterclass Coach, SAM MILLER

As a professional Sam leads a coaching apprenticeship for nutrition coaches, trainers, dietitians, nurses, and doctors. His goal is to improve not only scientific acumen but also the application of complex concepts in the nutritional coaching space. Sam battled pituitary and endocrine issues of his own earlier in life and now utilizes that firsthand experience to save others time, trials, and tribulations with testosterone.

In addition to working with countless clients in both nutrition and fitness, Sam has also been a featured writer for Testosterone Nation, a featured speaker at LinkedIn on sleep and stress management, and a requested guest podcasts setting the standard for free education in the space.

As NCI's male hormone specialist instructor, he will teach you how to understand your client's true root cause of a possible problem and work to implement sustainable solutions.

Let’s take a look at what you are going to learn in this masterclass…

Like many other of the Nutritional Coaching Institute programs, our aim is to educate you on the science and then teach you real-life application. Only after understanding why deficiency occurs, we can begin to rectify it.

What is male hormone deficiency? – Hormones are a major buzz word these days for both men and women. Low testosterone is often misunderstood and mistreated, but what is it?

Understanding the HPTA axis and causes of male hormone deficiency – Learn how our body has a thermostat or internal compass for regulating our hormones.

Overview of Chronic Stress, Cortisol, and Reproductive Hormones – The stress and "test" connection cannot be overlooked. Our body's adaptive physiology is hard wired to lower reproductive hormones in several stressful scenarios.

The Impact of Exogenous Testosterone, Anabolic Supplementation, & P.E.D. – The unspoken ramifications and misconceptions about exogenous or supplemental testosterone in the fitness and nutrition industry.

Male Hormone Restoration Scenarios – We can use nutrition for the management and maintenance of male androgens, along with strategic recovery and supplementation protocols.

Tools and Tactics – You need to know the three primary elements of Awareness for Men’s Hormonal Health to get lasting results. We use the Drains + Charge Analysis and several case study examples to illustrate the approach needed to safely and effectively improve hormone levels.

Bonus Items – This NCI Masterclass will include both real-life case study examples and recommended lab requisition items to use when pulling tests for current and future clients.

Here's the Truth...

The issues that are coming to nutrition coaches are becoming more and more complex by the day.

It is important to recognize that we as nutrition coaches don’t need to “know it all” or have all the answers for our clients.

But it is important to stay informed and educated enough to help guide your clients in the right direction – whether the answer comes from you or if you help guide them to another qualified professional.

This knowledge you will gain in this course WILL increase your efficacy as a coach…

This knowledge you will gain in this course WILL increase your confidence as a coach….

And ultimately the knowledge you will gain in this course has the potential to finally help you find the SUCCESS you have been looking for as a nutrition coach!

As with everything we do here at NCI, we are only allowing a limited number of people in this course - we want THE BEST coaches, not simply the most coaches- so get it while the price is this low!

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