Andrew Garritson

Master of Science in Health and Human Performance, PhD student in Sport and Performance Psychology, + 50 other credential and certifications

Andrew started his performance journey at the age of 10 with olympic pursuits in Tae Kwon Do. As the journey unfolded, his fitness interests stemming from his personal experience with disordered eating patterns for 15 years eventually total performance optimization.

Andrew has worked with a wide-variety of populations, ranging from Olympic sprinters and high-level regional CrossFit athletes to postpartum mothers across his 15+ years of experience.

His performance background athletic background includes operating as a reconnaissance marine for 7 years with one tour, running track at the collegiate level, and competitive CrossFit. His unique history affords the ability to execute a diagnostic, skills-based client-centered approach that integrates often overlooked aspects of lifestyle changes and behavior modification coupled with the scientific principles of evidence-based fitness prescriptions and cutting-edge nutritional research.When not pursuing more education or coaching clients, Andrew travels to teach seminars on various topics and conducts research for private health companies looking to validate their products.

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