Mindset Specialist Certification Course

Mindset Specialist Certification Course


Course Description

Every breakthrough you’ve ever had started with a change in your mind, followed by a change in your behavior. You cannot have the second change without the first.

You made the decision to become a health professional and to help people get better and more lasting results.

You studied and gathered the knowledge to help your clients burn more fat, build muscle, and live healthier lives. But unless your clients want to make the change, especially where their nutrition is concerned, all the information that you have is useless.

So how are you supposed to change your clients’ bodies if you can’t change their minds and get them ultra committed?

It turns out, you CAN change your clients’ minds. In fact, once you change how your clients think, changing their eating habits becomes easy—almost automatic.

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Meet Your Mindset Coaches

Andrew Garritson

Master of Science in Health and Human Performance, PhD student in Sport and Performance Psychology, + 50 other credential and certifications

Andrew started his performance journey at the age of 10 with olympic pursuits in Tae Kwon Do. As the journey unfolded, his fitness interests stemming from his personal experience with disordered eating patterns for 15 years eventually total performance optimization.

Andrew has worked with a wide-variety of populations, ranging from Olympic sprinters and high-level regional CrossFit athletes to postpartum mothers across his 15+ years of experience.

His performance background athletic background includes operating as a reconnaissance marine for 7 years with one tour, running track at the collegiate level, and competitive CrossFit.

His unique history affords the ability to execute a diagnostic, skills-based client-centered approach that integrates often overlooked aspects of lifestyle changes and behavior modification coupled with the scientific principles of evidence-based fitness prescriptions and cutting-edge nutritional research.

When not pursuing more education or coaching clients, Andrew travels to teach seminars on various topics and conducts research for private health companies looking to validate their products.

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What I’m Going to Say Next May Shock You…

…but it’s the truth you need to hear if you’re serious about helping more clients and making more money.

When you first came to my program, you were probably focused on the dietary science and hormones. Of course, I’m the expert on those subjects. I’m passionate about them and I’m dedicated to giving you every last drop of knowledge I have.
So, trust me when I say this…

The coaches who master the mindset coaching skills in this module will create better results, get more clients, establish greater authority, and make more money than the coaches who only focus on hormones.

In fact, I’ll take that one step further: your knowledge of hormones and dietary science will be uselessif you don’t have the coaching skills to empower your clients with new behaviors.

Mindset coaching skills are the missing link between mediocre, struggling personal trainers and industry-dominating fitness coaches.

And quite frankly, there is NOBODY else in the fitness industry who can teach you these skills like Jessica and I can.

Nobody else has done the research, nobody else understands the connection between mindset and diet—and one day, everyone is going to realize that mindset and diet are just two sides of the same coin.

Put yourself ahead of the pack today. Don’t wait for someone else to implement these strategies and take your clients away from you.

Your clients need you to empower their minds. That’s the only way they will get the results they desire, stay loyal to you, and pay you the generous income you deserve for your delivering a premium service.

Are you ready to improve yourself AND your business?

Get started with the Level 1 Nutrition Certification TODAY.