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Nutritional Entrepreneur Internship

We have individually mentored over 5,000 coaches and over 2,000 business owners since 2013 that have collectively generated over $55,000,000!

The Nutritional Coaching Institute primarily supports professionals in the health and nutritional coaching industries with a variety of strong programs that are designed to equip the curious enthusiast with all of the knowledge and experience they need to begin their careers as top-tier coaches.

If you’re a committed to making a change in your community but the thought of working at 9-5 desk job seems boring compared to the prospect of being an exciting and thriving small business owner, we have something we think you’re going to be interested in…

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NCI Has Worked With:

NCI Has Worked Wit:

We have seen countless coaching professionals transition out of our industry due to the increasing financial demands of life.

We decided that someone had to do something to keep great coaches coaching so we created our unique blend of nutritional and business coaching programs to help support the people that truly wanted to make an iMPACT.

This includes health coaching education and as well as the ability to monetize those services with our business coaching programs that have guaranteed coaches to support individuals earning $10,000 months.

We have had over 12,000 coaches seek us out for help with both the scientific underpinnings of health coaching and the application of how to apply those scientific principles in real-world scenarios.

As an organization, The Nutritional Coaching Institute is an organization committed to positively impacting 1,000,000,000 people through providing useful educational experiences related to the real-world coaching by applying evidence-based principles.

Our programs primarily support professionals in the health and nutritional coaching industries with a variety of established curricula that are designed to equip the curious enthusiast with all the knowledge and experience they need to begin their careers as exemplary coaches.

Nutritional Education

• Energy Balance
• Macronutrients
• Micronutrients
• Gut Health
• Hormones

Practical Client Application

• Nutritional Periodization
• Triangle of Awareness
• Non-negotiable
• Biofeedback
• Mindset

Business Monetization

• Offer Creation
• Lead Generation
• Sign Up Optimizations
• Service Automation
• Retention Elevation

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Internship outcomes

By the end of the program, internship participants will…

Experience being mentored by highly competent coaches that have successfully built coaching businesses

Complete their Applied Nutritional Coach certification during their internship so they are ready to start coaching as soon as its done

Understand who they are as professionals and feel confident in delivering value to their future clients

Understand how to professionalize their passion and establish a legitimate business

Be fully equipped to deliver a positive impact to their communities and clients

Meet Your Internship Coordinator...

Meet Your Internship Coordinator...

Andrew Garritson, Master of Science in Health and Human Performance and PhD candidate in Sport and Performance Psychology.

Andrew started his performance journey at the age of 10 with olympic pursuits in Tae Kwon Do. As the journey unfolded, his fitness interests stemming from his personal experience with disordered eating patterns for 15 years eventually total performance optimization.

Andrew has worked with a wide-variety of populations, ranging from Olympic sprinters and high-level regional CrossFit athletes to postpartum mothers across his 15+ years of experience.

His performance background athletic background includes operating as a reconnaissance marine for 7 years with one tour, running track at the collegiate level, and competitive CrossFit.
His unique history affords the ability to execute a diagnostic, skills-based client-centered approach that integrates often overlooked aspects of lifestyle changes and behavior modification coupled with the scientific principles of evidence-based fitness prescriptions and cutting-edge nutritional research.

When not pursuing more education or coaching clients, Andrew runs his company Training Snobs, travels to teach seminars on various topics, and conducts research for private health companies looking to validate their products.

Travis James Zipper


Travis James Zipper was a strong proponent of furthering impact through continuously improving education. In a way to honor his memory, the Nutritional Coaching Institute is offering an annual two-part scholarship.

The first is a direct scholarship awarded to a student to support their scholastic journey. The purpose of this scholarship is to impact the life of someone seeking to better themselves and their community. This individual needs to demonstrate a commitment to a healthy way of life, service to their community, and social engagement.
Travis was continuously engaged in learning more and improving his craft through evidence-based research.

The second part of this scholarship is for young researchers (seniors) or new professionals (with less than 3 years in their professorship) and is intended to serve as a grant to help with expenses essential to completing the project.

Travis would have liked this to be open to the community and for anyone to be able to apply for it. This means that the application process will be completed via email and the subsequent payouts will be directed to the institution from our payroll department.


If changing your communities and making great money doing so interest you, fill out the form below AND email us your resume along with a 3-5 minute video of how you see us playing a role in your professional journey.