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Besides the health of the gut and the liver there is probably nothing that is more important to a person’s health and well-being, than the healthy function of their thyroid gland. The thyroid is the master regulator of a person’s metabolism – it dictates how many and at what speed that calories are burned for energy. If the thyroid is dysfunctional it can slow down a person’s metabolic rate by 50%. Current statistics show that 1 in 8 women have some form of thyroid dysfunction and the rates of autoimmune conditions have skyrocketed – and there are many areas that an educated health and nutrition coach can help with!

Whether you and your clients are looking to just be healthy, perform at a higher level, or just lose some extra body fat pounds, the thyroid needs to always be considered as it must be functioning optimally to do so..

From reducing inflammation, to cleaning out the gut in order to help boost the immune system and making sure a person is on the right (and there are wrong) type of diet for thyroid conditions – a good health coach should be able to understand how to assess the issue. Challenge yourself to learn all that you can about the thyroid so that you can be the best coach possible and help your clients renew their energy levels and love themselves once again, as we all should.

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Thyroid Health Masterclass Content

As with all all courses here at the Nutritional Coaching Institute, our aim is to educate you on the SCIENCE and then to teach you REAL LIFE APPLICATION.

Part I: The Science

What is the Thyroid Gland and What are the Many Roles that it Has  Understand the wide net that the thyroid gland casts over the entire body and why it is so important to understand its function if you are ever going to coach someone out of thyroid dysfunction. This section will also detail why the rates of thyroid disorders have been skyrocketing as of recently.

What are the Many Types of Thyroid Conditions and What are The Main Symptoms to Look Out For  Learn about the different forms that thyroid disorders can take in the body as well as all of the possible symptoms to look out for. And how nutrition coaches can help a client in identifying if a thyroid condition does exist or not.

The Root Causes Behind The Development of Thyroid Conditions and How to Help Clients Assess Where Their Thyroid Problem Truly Started From  Learn what the many thyroid hormone markers mean and how they are tested. This section also begins a deep dive into the true underlying causes that are behind the development of almost every thyroid condition. Help clients in better identifying the root causes of their triggers in relation to their thyroid condition so that they can be corrected.

The Best Ways in Which a Person Can Test for Thyroid Problems in the Blood — This section covers all of the means in which client can test their thyroid health markers and what the optimal ranges of those values should be. This section also explains the reasons why a person’s symptoms are just as important as their lab values when it comes to determining if a thyroid condition is present or not.

The Options for Thyroid Replacement Medications and What Forms Tend to Work the Best  The use of thyroid replacement medications is many times going to be a requirement in order to get a client back on their feet so that they have enough energy and determination to attack the condition head-on. Learn the reasons as to why there is no one perfect form of thyroid medication that works for everyone and how the use of the right forms of thyroid medication can make or break a person. This section also teaches a coach how to safely advise clients on how to never stop searching for the right blend of medications and lifestyle improvements that can give them their energy levels back, so that they can regain their healthy life back.

Part II: The Application

How Should Person Attempt to Prepare the Body Heal From a Thyroid Condition — In order for a person to attack a thyroid disorder, we fall back on the 5R program. This is the point in which a good health coach should start and we walk through the progression of how to do so.

How Does the Diet Affect Thyroid Health — When a person has a confirmed thyroid disorder, there is a set of rules should be followed, dietarily, that have shown great results. Learn how to help clients implement these dietary changes as well as learn all of the other dietary factors that can either put a person back on their track of healing or possibly cause their condition to worsen.

What Needs to Be Done In order to Eliminate Root Cause Triggers That May Be Preventing a Person from Healing — There are numerous negative lifestyle factors that can either contribute to the development of a thyroid condition or prevent a person from ever regaining their health and energy levels. However, there is also dysfunction in many of the body’s systems that can do the same. In this section, learn about how the health of the liver and adrenals is so important to a healthy thyroid as well as how hidden infections and nutrient depletions can both be possible root causes triggers to the disorder.

Can a Person Ever Expect to Go Into Remission Form Thyroid Disease — In this section and with the help of their doctor, learn what to do and the steps that a person should take if they feel they that their body and mind are ready for remission and that their health should no longer be dependant on anything but themselves.

7 Specific Case Studies of Clients with Real Life Thyroid Problems and How a Nutrition Coach Can Help Them Get back on the Healing Path — In this final section learn by getting your hands dirty as we work our way through what was done for real-life thyroid disease clients and how the well-educated health coach can bring value to any form of client that is suffering from a thyroid condition.

Meet Your Thyroid Health Masterclass Coach

Travis Zipper

As a professional, Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist (FDN), Travis medically orders all manners of functional health tests that allow clients to understand their gut health and hormonal dysfunctions and then helps them create healing plans based on those results. That is what makes him so invaluable as the NCI Gut Health/Hormones Instructor.

Travis has worked with over 2,000 plus nutrition clients in both the functional medicine and conventional medical setting, focusing on low testosterone, adrenal dysfunction, estrogen dominance, peri and post-menopausal situations, infertility, hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, PCOS, dysbiosis of the gut, leaky gut, bacterial and parasitic infections, inflammatory bowel syndrome and many others.

As NCI’s Thyroid Health/Hormone Specialist Instructor, he will teach you how to understand your client’s true root cause of a possible problem; instead of just putting a band-aid on it and only treating the symptoms.

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