The Importance of the Preconception Period

Posted On: September 13, 2018  |  Post By: Kendalle Crow, CNC

WRITTEN BY: JESSICA DURANDO, MSW, LCSW In regards to prenatal nutrition, a large amount of focus is placed on proper dietary intake and supplemental recommendations throughout the 3 trimesters of pregnancy, as well as what many consider the 4th trimester (the 3 months following birth). However, often overlooked or minimized, is the preconception period- the

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Nutritional Protocol When Injury Strikes

Posted On: August 30, 2018  |  Post By: Amanda Stegmann RD, MS

Do you remember the first time you got hurt? Not just a cut, but really hurt. Everyone in school signed your cast, your parents took you out for whatever you wanted to eat, and you had a cool story to tell to all your friends while they showered you with attention. Now think about the

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The Magical “Window of Gains”

Posted On: August 22, 2018  |  Post By: Amanda Stegmann RD, MS

It’s been talked about for years in the fitness world. The magical “window of gains”. Carbs and protein post-workout to get more “anabolic”. You know what I mean bro-tato chip? Yea, ok. But WHY is it important? What’s occurring in the body physiologically that requires us to need carbohydrates post-exercise? To help out my gainzzz,

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