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Nutrition Certification Course

Nutrition Certification Course



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You know it’s impossible for anyone to out-train a bad diet… but HOW are you supposed to correct your clients’ diets when they come to you with low compliance, stalled results, trendy fad diets, eating disorders and damaging nutritional habits?

Here’s the first thing you need to know: it’s not your fault that your clients are struggling to get their nutrition right.

It’s not their fault, either. It’s not even the nutrition industry’s fault—we’ve developed all these incredibly effective systems, but there’s just one thing missing…

You need a nutrition COACH, not a nutritionist.

A nutritionist is a master of knowledge and a nutrition coach is a master of application.

Whether you plan to become a nutrition coach yourself or you plan to send out one of your trainers to become one, listen closely…

Nutritional Coaching Institute offers a CONVENIENT ONLINE SELF-PACED COURSE where I will reveal EVERYTHING you need to know to deliver world-class nutrition coaching using a system that allows you to pinpoint every client’s exact needs and give them instructions they’ll actually follow.

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99 Days to Success

Level 1 Nutrition Certification Course Content

Meet Your Nutrition Coaches

Andrew Garritson

Master of Science in Health and Human Performance, PhD student in Sport and Performance Psychology, + 50 other credential and certifications

Andrew started his performance journey at the age of 10 with olympic pursuits in Tae Kwon Do. As the journey unfolded, his fitness interests stemming from his personal experience with disordered eating patterns for 15 years eventually total performance optimization.

Andrew has worked with a wide-variety of populations, ranging from Olympic sprinters and high-level regional CrossFit athletes to postpartum mothers across his 15+ years of experience.

His performance background athletic background includes operating as a reconnaissance marine for 7 years with one tour, running track at the collegiate level, and competitive CrossFit.

His unique history affords the ability to execute a diagnostic, skills-based client-centered approach that integrates often overlooked aspects of lifestyle changes and behavior modification coupled with the scientific principles of evidence-based fitness prescriptions and cutting-edge nutritional research.

When not pursuing more education or coaching clients, Andrew travels to teach seminars on various topics and conducts research for private health companies looking to validate their products.

Travis Zipper

Travis Zipper is an expert on hormones and one of the most intelligent people I know. I was excited to work with him from the moment we met because I knew he could challenge me to stretch my own knowledge even further and deliver even better service to the fitness community.

Travis started as a straight diet coach in working in a medical weight loss and anti-aging clinic. Over and over again, he found himself hitting the same roadblock: he would give clients the perfect diet to follow, they would be super compliant, and yet they still wouldn’t get results.

That’s when he started to wonder about the role of hormones, starting with stress and inflammation. The more he discovered about hormones, the more he realized that other nutritionists and doctors were giving out horrible plans—plans that only caused their clients to stay overweight, keep having mood swings, and suffer from low energy.

Fed up, Travis leapt at the opportunity to join me as an NCI coach and teach people the truth about hormones. Now, he’s worked with everyone from weekend warriors, to soccer moms, to high-end athletes, and he’s gotten fantastic results with all of them.

With this module, he’ll give you the tools and techniques to help you do the same.

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When I first dreamed up my idea for the Nutritional Coaching Institute, I figured it would start as a small group of my close contacts meeting up to discuss all the knowledge I just outlined above.

Boy, was I wrong. The first time I mentioned the idea publicly on Facebook, I got hundreds of fitness professionals begging me to let them in. Since I didn’t have the infrastructure yet for such a massive group, I had to put them all on a waitlist and stick with my invite-only list for the first few sessions.

Now the Nutritional Coaching Institute lets you learn in the way that works best for you. Complete your certification in either a self-paced or an online classroom setting with like-minded individuals.

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