Jason Phillips


Hi! I’m Jason Phillips, founder of the Nutritional Coaching Institute. I discovered the power of nutritional coaching as a young man when I recovered from anorexia and learned that the proper application of food can save lives.

Professional Background

My formal background comes from Florida State University where I majored in Exercise Science with a concentration in Fitness and Nutrition. I have consulted for reality weight loss shows, traveled with the PGA tour, and helped several functional fitness athletes improve performance. I’ve worked with everyone from pro athletes to weekend warriors. I was the first one to educate the CrossFit community on the importance of post workout supplements, and I’ve since gone on to work with UFC fighters, WWE wrestlers, and fitness celebrities.

These experiences have taught me that you don’t need a “nutrition philosophy”— all you need is a tool chest of smart nutrition coaching techniques and a system to determine what your clients need right now.

And that’s why I created the Nutritional Coaching Institute — to install in you the tools, mindset, and confidence you need to tackle any client’s toughest eating challenges. I understand coaching & business, and I’m ready to help you increase your IMPACT.

About Jason

Jason Phillips has been active in the fitness industry for decades. From a former cover model and professional athlete to a sought-after fitness and nutrition coach, Jason is currently the CEO and founder of Nutritional Coaching Institute.

Jason runs a successful mentorship program for Fitness and Nutritional professionals where he provides group and individualized coaching to some of the most talented professionals in the industry.

He has written for several publications including Men’s Fitness and his own book, Macros Explained: Your Ultimate Guide to Macronutrient Prescription for Health, Performance, and Aesthetics and his newest book; Macros Applied: Bridging the Gap from Science to Application.

Jason is a popular and prolific podcast guest featured in over 50 podcasts such as Renegade Radio with Jay Ferruggia, Ever Forward Radio with Chase Chewning, Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth, and Barbell Shrugged to name a few.

Jason routinely speaks at Google, has been interviewed by Entrepreneur Weekly, and has been the featured speaker at the Cascade Classic and the 2018 Fitness Business Summit.

Ready to build impact and grow your income?

Ready to build impact and grow your income?