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Hormones are our most popular, most requested topic here at NCI. That’s why we created a full module just to dive deep into hormones and how they affect your clients’ weight loss, performance, and mood.

It’s easy to see why they’re so popular. Virtually everything in nutrition comes back to hormones. Especially these days, when we’re correcting everything that’s been done improperly. Understanding hormones is your key to becoming a well-rounded coach.

There’s more to the picture than just eating clean—to give your clients the best possible results, you need to correctly identify which hormones are imbalanced. Then, you need to prescribe exactly the right foods and supplements to rebalance those hormones.

And that is a lot simpler than you think, once you learn our unique system for identifying and solving hormonal issues for your clients.

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Hormone Specialist Certification Course Content

Part I: The Science

Introduction: What You’ll Walk Away With—This is the most sophisticated course on hormones ever created for fitness professionals. Everything you learn here will tie in directly with your most important duty: getting your clients results. We’ve honed all the knowledge and the application down into a simple system you can implement in your business right away.

Chapter 1: Primary Hormones — Discover how testosterone, estrogen, cortisol, insulin, thyroid hormones, and human growth hormone (HGH) affect your clients’ weight loss and performance. Hint: whichever hormone has the lowest levels will cause the most problems. We’ll also show you how to rebalance each one through diet, exercise, stress management, lifestyle, and sleep.

Chapter 2: Secondary Hormones — Discover how progesterone, pregnenolone, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), luteinizing hormone (LH), follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), melatonin, leptin, and ghrelin affect your client’s results. Remember: every single hormone is connected. If you can spot an imbalance in the secondary hormones, that can be your first clue to the real issue holding back your client.

Chapter 3: Stress and Cortisol — There’s a lot of talk in the media about “stress” and a lot of confusion about how it relates to cortisol. Get the facts here and discover how stress really affects the body (based on the latest research).

Chapter 4: How the Body Protects Itself — The body naturally counter-regulates hormones to maintain homeostasis and protect itself. That means you can’t balance out your clients’ hormones with brute force. Here, we’ll show you how to use the body’s natural systems to your advantage and get bigger results by making smaller changes.

The Problem with Fad Diets

Every fad diet follows the same basic formula. Some quack doctor or naturally athletic
huckster will pop up and say, “Nutrition isn’t complicated! Look here: with my diet, there’s only one number you need to track!”

Maybe it’s calories, maybe it’s carbs—whatever it is, the appeal of this myth is that the dieter gets to make easier decisions. They don’t have to think much, if at all, about what they eat.

Of course, you and I know how silly that is. It’s just as absurd as saying, “Look! Now you can get in shape by working out just one muscle group!”

Once you’re armed with the knowledge in this course, you’ll know exactly how to bust these myths for your clients. You’ll have the tools to simplify nutrition the right way. You’ll be able to give your clients targeted instructions every step of the way to get them the real results they desire.

Chapter 5: The Role of Genetics and Epigenetics — Genes are important, but they aren’t
everything. Like with homeostasis, understanding genetics is key to getting the body to work with you, not against you. Discover how to adapt your coaching to any genetic concerns your clients might bring up.

Chapter 6: Understanding the Gut/Brain Barrier — The gut and the brain are constantly communicating with each other. The only problem? They’re speaking in code. At least, that’s how it feels to your clients, who have no idea how to interpret the signals going back and forth. Discover how to “crack the code” for your clients and get them even better results.

Chapter 7: Endocrine System Disruptors — The top offenders here are pesticides, plastics, cookware, packaged foods, antibacterials, fragrances, make-up, and tap water. How are these things wrecking your clients’ results? What can you do about it? Don’t worry—we’ll show you how to spot these disruptors in the wild and help your clients replace them with safe, headache-free alternatives.

Part II: The Application

Chapter 8: How to Spot Low/High Hormone Levels — With our Hormone Level Checklist, you’ll be able to diagnose your client’s hormone levels and form a game plan in minutes. 97% of the time, you can solve the problem through lifestyle tweaks—IF you correctly diagnose the imbalance first!

Chapter 9: How to Maximize Hormone Balance — Again, natural methods are always best for
rebalancing your clients’ hormones. We’ll show you how to coach your clients on sleep, exercise, macros, food quality, and stress so that they can rebalance themselves without a trip to the doctor.

WARNING: Not for Polite Company!

What I’m about to say might shock or even offend you…but there’s an important lesson about coaching in here.

Hormones can be a deeply personal subject, especially when it comes to your clients’ sex
drive. Once you start correcting your clients’ hormone imbalances, you’ll be amazed at what they choose to tell you.

For example, Travis recently had a guy tell him, “I had sex with my wife four times last week and I haven’t done that in years!”

Awkward conversation? Sure…but you better believe that guy is one of the happiest clients Travis has ever worked with. As a coach, your duty is to help each client create a better life. That “better life” includes all the important things we usually don’t talk about in polite company, like sexual performance, libido, etc.

Test the waters with your clients. Keep an open mind if they bring up these topics
themselves. These are deeply emotional topics, which means they are a golden opportunity for you to build rapport with your clients and deliver the results they REALLY want.

Chapter 10: Thyroid, The Rule Breaker — With any other hormone, you should tackle the
imbalance first, symptoms second. With thyroid issues, you need to treat the symptoms first. Discover why here, and learn our best techniques for keeping your clients on-track and comfortable as they heal their thyroid glands.

Chapter 11: Regulating and Boosting with Supplements — Your clients have been burned by
phony supplements before. Of course, you and I know that supplements can be extremely useful for balancing hormones and delivering better training results. Discover how to separate myth from fact and give your clients just the right supplements for their goals (if any).

Chapter 12: Coaching Your Clients on Hormone Levels — Turns out, exercise can actually be the CAUSE of imbalanced hormones. You maybe knew that already, but I guarantee your clients are still confused about this. Discover how to educate your clients using our Hormone Level Checklist so you can create greater compliance and greater results.

The Power of Clinical Correlation

“Clinical Correlation” is that “aha” moment when you show your client that all their current symptoms come back to the same condition. It’s a powerful moment for them. For many clients, it’s the “light from the heavens” they need to push them to their next big breakthrough.

Right now, your client is frustrated because they are confused. They’ve hit a plateau, or they’re struggling with persistent health issues they had hoped you could fix. They feel like they have a million different problems, and each one has its own hidden solution.

Once you show your client that there’s only one core problem—AND that you know how to solve it—they fall in love with your program, get the results they desire, and fanatically
recommend you to their friends and family.

Chapter 14: Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) — Discover when HRT is truly necessary and how to help your clients navigate the medical system. You’ll also learn why hormonal trends are
just as important as reference ranges, if not more important! Plus, we’ll give you a list of hormonal panels you should always ask the doctor for.

Meet Your Hormone Coaches

Jason Phillips

I’m Jason Phillips, founder of the Nutritional Coaching Institute. I discovered the power of nutritional coaching as a young man when I recovered from anorexia and learned that the proper application of food can save lives.

I’ve worked with everyone from pro athletes to weekend warriors. I was the first one to educate the CrossFit community on the importance of post workout supplements, and I’ve since gone on to work with UFC fighters, WWE wrestlers, and fitness celebrities.

These experiences have taught me that you don’t need a “nutrition philosophy”—all you need is a tool chest of smart nutrition coaching techniques and a system to determine what your clients need right now. So I created the Nutritional Coaching Institute to install in you the tools, mindset, and confidence you need to tackle any client’s toughest eating challenges.

Travis Zipper

Travis Zipper is an expert on hormones and one of the most intelligent people I know. I was excited to work with him from the moment we met because I knew he could challenge me to stretch my own knowledge even further and deliver even better service to the fitness community.

Travis started as a straight diet coach in working in a medical weight loss and anti-aging clinic. Over and over again, he found himself hitting the same roadblock: he would give clients the perfect diet to follow, they would be super compliant, and yet they still wouldn’t get results.

That’s when he started to wonder about the role of hormones, starting with stress and inflammation. The more he discovered about hormones, the more he realized that other nutritionists and doctors were giving out horrible plans—plans that only caused their clients to stay overweight, keep having mood swings, and suffer from low energy.

Fed up, Travis leapt at the opportunity to join me as an NCI coach and teach people the truth about hormones. Now, he’s worked with everyone from weekend warriors, to soccer moms, to high-end athletes, and he’s gotten fantastic results with all of them. With this module, he’ll give you the tools and techniques to help you do the same.

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Check Out These Case Studies

Case Study #1

The Semi Pro Athlete (Male, 27 Years Old)

Travis had another client who was a semi pro hockey player. When he came to Travis, he was suffering from low energy levels and performance issues.

Travis walked him through the Hormone Level Checklist and discovered that his hormone levels were too low, especially his testosterone. Thanks to this diagnosis, Travis was able to create a plan for the client that only involved dietary changes.

Once the client followed Travis’s plan, it fixed everything! His energy levels sprang back up, and his performance got back on track too.

In this module, Travis walks you through the plan he created for this client that was so
successful. That way, you can help your own athlete clients up their game with only minimal tweaks to their diet and lifestyle.

Case Study #2

The Pre-Menopausal Mom (Female, 47 Years Old)

Travis had a woman come to her with low energy, weight gain around the mid-section, and low sex drive. To make things even more frustrating for her, she was already going to boot camp and keeping consistent with it.

With the Hormone Level Checklist, Travis found the missing link between all her hard work and the weight loss results she was hoping for.

In this module, Travis shows you the exact Checklist he filled out with her, and walks you
through the lifestyle discussion they had and the HRT plan he created for her. That way, you can help your soccer mom clients break through their plateaus and get results.

Additional Case Studies

For both of the above Case Studies, Travis will walk you through onboarding the client, filling out the Hormone Level Checklist, creating the coaching plan, and getting results for each client.

Plus, Travis will give you the same in-depth breakdown for these three case studies:

  • The CrossFitter suffering from fatigue and serious GI issues (female, 43 years old)
  • The hypothyroid night shift nurse (female, 29 years old)
  • The high-stress, sedentary lawyer suffering from low androgens (male, 48 years old)

Even If You Already Know 99% of Everything on Hormones, Keep Reading…

In the science of hormones, what you don’t know will hurt you. There’s really no such thing as “close enough.” Your clients are either going to get their hormones balanced and get results, or they’re going to meet failure and frustration because their hormones are just slightly out of whack.

The 1% you don’t know about hormones is KILLING your clients results right now.

I see this all the time with my coaching clients. I see otherwise knowledgeable, effective coaches get frustrated because their clients are plateauing or even backsliding. And to make things worse, these coaches THINK they know the cause of the problem and they’re giving the client the wrong solution.

Or, worst of all, they think there’s no hope for the client and they give up.

I don’t want this to happen to you — and Travis and I will make sure it doesn’t happen to you by arming you with the latest research on hormones and the most proven tactics for balancing your clients’ hormones.

Master the science of hormones so you can become the ultimate coach and deliver outstanding results to your clients. Massively increase your income with all the new clients, referrals, and renewed contracts you’ll get by delivering better results, faster.

Like with every NCI module, you’ll be able to get certified from home using our self-paced, comprehensive course that gives you access to us and all of the materials you will need to become a Certified Hormone Specialist!

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